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Updated: October 20, 2006

Proper Bankruptcy Reporting
How bankruptcies are being reported to the credit bureaus can provide an interesting insight into how proper bankruptcy reporting methods are critical. FULL STORY->

Mortgage Rates Stabilize This Week
Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE) today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS) in which the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 6.36 percent with an average 0.5 point for the week ending October 19, 2006, down slightly from last week when it averaged 6.37 percent. Last year at this time, the 30-year FRM averaged 6.10 percent. FULL STORY->

How Much is Too Much to Fix up Your House?
As with any resale product, the person trying to sell said product will usually try to make the product look as new as possible to ensure the highest profit available. In reviewing many of the homes on the market today, however, some sellers don't get that notion. FULL STORY->

Ask Realty Times
What happens when a home fails a radon test? We have a great house -- so why isn't it selling? How common are conventional loans in today's market? Will lenders fund an installment sale? Peter G. Miller looks at the week's most interesting questions for Realty Times. FULL STORY->

New California Forecast: 2 Percent Home Price Decline
Another forecast bodes well for California where sales, rather than prices will take the biggest hits in 2007 -- provided interest rates remain affordable. FULL STORY->

TREB: October Running Strong
In the first half of October, Toronto Area housing activity kept pace with mid-October results from a year ago, Toronto Real Estate Board President Dorothy Mason announced today. FULL STORY->

Better to Prevent Fires than Collect Insurance
Preventing fires is a job for homeowners and insurance companies, which has the expertise to locate the hot spots. FULL STORY->

Mortgage Industry Changes Good News for Canadian Consumers
For those who need a new mortgage or are about to renew an existing one, there's never been more choice in the Canadian market. Here's how new developments in the mortgage industry are helping consumers. FULL STORY->

Double Digit Dance Swings Silicon Valley Rents
Silicon Valley rents are up more than 10 percent, as demand for longer term leases indicate more potential home buyers are sitting out flat and falling prices in the home-buying market. FULL STORY->

Security Deposits: Rules of the Road for Oregon (ORS 90.300)
One of the most contentious issues that tenants and landlords grapple with in their rental relationships is the final stage -- the move out -- especially the security deposit return portion of the move out process. FULL STORY->

Driven To Higher Housing Costs
In some neighborhoods it costs more to drive around than it does to live there and that's putting a pinch on the "affordable" in affordable housing. FULL STORY->

Most Fraud Charges Not Investigated
A lack of enforcement at the state level is a major reason appraisals remain at the root of mortgage fraud, according to panelists at a symposium on the topic. Lew Sichelman has the details. FULL STORY->

Ask the HOA Expert
Can a Board require unit owners to have background checks conducted on their renters and control the tenant approval process? Should volunteer board members be compensated? These questions and more in this week's column. FULL STORY->

Miles Versus Mortgages
Home costs in the distant suburbs are typically far-lower than housing prices in core metro areas. But do higher transportation costs make living in exurbia a false bargain? Columnist Peter G. Miller comments. FULL STORY->

Freaky Friday Snow Storm Stirs Insurance Awareness
Your homeowners policy covers most snow-related damage, but you have a responsibility to maintain your home to minimize such damage, insurers say. FULL STORY->

Real Estate Searches Influenced by Creative Communities
Savvy home buyers and business people searching for a new place to live or work increasingly investigate artistic activity to determine the vibrancy of a community. PJ Wade reveals that a new federal arts funding program may accelerate the growth of these creative communities. FULL STORY->

Housing Counsel: Subprime Loans May Not Be Necessary
A first time buyer wonder is the subprime loan offered is a good idea. Columnist Benny L. Kass answers back. FULL STORY->

Ameriquest Sets Up Settlement Website
A website will bring relief for nearly a quarter million consumers who stand to benefit from Ameriquest's $325 million settlement following national and state predatory lending suits. FULL STORY->

Hotel Del Coronado Condos for Sale
For the first time in the legendary California resort's 118-year history, consumers can actually own a villa at the Hotel Del Coronado. FULL STORY->

Economists Beginning to Challenge Media's Negative Drumbeat on Housing
After months of scary headlines and TV news reporting about "the real estate bust," prominent economists -- along with the vice chairman of the Federal Reserve -- say low interest rates, growing job creation and strong household formation will cushion and shorten the current down cycle. Ken Harney reports. FULL STORY->

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